Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Why aren't more Christians talking about Jeremy Lin? (and other surprise believers)

So everybody's got their ways of relaxing. I find schedules particularly constraining, so whenever I need to rebel or relax, even unintentionally, I fall into the same general habit...I stay up late watching TV. My programming of choice being Frasier, Golden Girls and cartoons on Adult Swim. I'll admit, Adult Swim isn't overall the most wholesome programming, but there's some stuff in there you wouldn't be too uncomfortable watching with your parents. So I was dozing off the other night watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Half way between awake and asleep, I heard "Blessed be the Tie that Binds". I figured I had drifted into some Sunday-school inspired throw-back dream, but rolled over to see Frylock (yes, a talking box of french fries) singing in his room.  I'm decently familiar with the series, so I'd watched Frylock, the show's cerebral and rational hub, progress from generic spirituality to a more definite Christian bent. I knew there had to be something behind that and started Googling.

A few clicks later, I learned that one of the show's key animators, also known for other animated shows geared toward adults (Squidbillies, Archer), was Craig Hartin, Christian. I immediately thought...really? Some of those episodes get pretty...rough. He offers some interesting points of view on the matter in an interview he did a while back, talking about everything from how he explains being associated with some very risque content and how he ministers in his world.

A few weeks later, "Linsanity", the current adoration of NBA player, Jeremy Lin, broke out. If you're a non-sports-watcher like me, he's the Taiwanese guy whose record breaking scoring has put the Knicks back on the map. I did some poking around on him and found a rap track by HongKongese (by way of Miami) rapper, Jin, about him. I listened for a while then thought " he talking about God?" Turns out both Jin and Lin are believers. I really wonder if Christians will give the same attention they give Tim Tebow for his faith...I mean, the man openly gestures to God after he scores and is quite open about his faith too. I doubt an Asian Harvard graduate will translate as well in the US as a hero story though. And honestly, the same goes for Lin and Hartin, though for their own personal reasons.

As my brother says, "we're a diverse group".

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