Sunday, February 5, 2012

Apparently, Black churches don't have youth groups.

So I ran across this guy's videos today. I'd never heard of "Messy Mondays" until a friend made me aware (through Facebook of course)...

He's a little really high energy, but I'm enjoying his sarcasm. About 15 minutes after getting stuck in a loop of his videos, I ran across this one on youth groups.

I watched. I laughed. I couldn't relate. Don't get me wrong, I get the "coming of age" deal that comes with being a kid in church. The single most massive crush of my life happened there. This dude made my stomach do back flips and was the last man to truly make me nervous.

But yeah...I realized that my youth in a Black church was WAY different than what goes on in White churches. I always kinda knew this...I went to a predominately White school and the church stuff they would talk about was completely foreign. We didn't do games or trips or the like. Well...MAYBE in Sunday school, but it wasn't ever anything major. We mostly worked in groups. Don't get me wrong, there were plenty of teenage hormones to go around, lots of hugging and the "side hug" had not yet been invented, but apparently there was more supervision and less freedom (what I think is a direct effect of hippie culture never hitting the Black church).

I don't think the reason is anything more complicated than the fact that Black churches are just more formal than White. Look at the clothes, the seating, even the schedules and service formats...much more structured, much less loose. The funny thing is, neither approach seems to make much of a difference regarding sexual behavior or subsequent adult involvement in the church. Makes ya wonder...

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