Friday, October 22, 2010

Zombies and Christianity

I saw this on the High Calling and HAD to read it...yes...because of the title. No, I'm not a zombie-enthusiast.  It's a stretch, but it makes some good points and asks these questions that I wanted to try to answer...

1.    What do you think zombies represent?
2.    When do you most feel like you're turning into a zombie?
3.    Where do the zombies congregate in your life?
4.    How can God and your community protect you?

1. Zombies represent any area of my life where I'm moving without purpose and true motivation. Any area where I'm following my base nature and nothing more.
2. Normally I'd say work, but I've been doing really well eating purposefully for the past...3 years or so. My job's been kind of stressful lately though, and while it's only one meal a day, lunch has just been out the window lately...all kinds of bready, saucy, fatty, sugary treats that serves as mid-day entertainment and distraction from stress. 
3. Career (it's easy to fall prey to what I "should" be doing at...whatever age) habits (generally within my budget, but do I really need another pair of shoes? Even REALLY cute ones?)
4. Fighting off "zombies" is all about staying conscious of what you're doing with your time and resources. I know it's pretty heavily debated, but tithing...especially when it's extended to areas beyond money (like time and relationships), is...I've the very least...a good reminder of how to proportion your life, and how much of a difference a small "investment" can make. It's also a good way to establish "inconveniencing" yourself...which is BIG for me in the area of time. If I'm selfish with anything, it's my time. I have a really twisted relationship with the clock (hate being late, love watches, hate being on a schedule, love making them) and it can be crazy difficult for me to make time for anything that's not part of my zombie habit....even rest. 


  1. A stretch, eh? :)

    It's a fun stretch at least. And Ryan really is a youth pastor/zombie poet. An odd combination of professions to be sure.

    I totally agree with you about tithing of money and time. For me tithing is a habit that sets me free from money because I intentionally give away some set portion.

    Thanks for linking to us! (And for loading your RSS feed in your profile.)

  2. lol...thanks Marcus! Thanks for reading.

  3. Ha Ha....I had not seen this and I recently did a Zombie post as well. Great minds think alike, huh ;-) Enjoyed.