Thursday, January 6, 2011

The importance of friends

I was talking to a couple of friends after Bible study a couple nights ago, and we were talking about activities that have been productive in our lives and ones we enjoy. We're doing Peter, and had spoken briefly about how important it is to create bonds between people, and how that in turn, is how you make real changes in your life.

My mind's been on that topic quite a bit lately, and I'm realizing that it's important not only to have supportive people who want to see you grow in your life...not just to keep positivity around, but because there are many times in life, many things you'll have to do, where the people around you won't be positive, or supportive, or may just generally not care about you. Because of that, I want to say thanks for some of my friends and why they're a positive influence on me.

My frugal friends
People underestimate how much influence friends have on your spending habits. Having friends that aren't interested in driving luxury cars, are happy to have dinner together for a Christmas gift and are just as big as I am on traveling inexpensively is great.

My spiritual friends
This is a mix of new and old. These are the people who hear all my spiritual woes and highs. The ones that share revelations they've had and struggles they're going through. From a Ravi Zacharias weekend to  feedback on this blog.

My brainy friends
These don't let me get intellectually stagnant. They don't watch reality TV (or much TV at all for that matter). They read, they question, they think, they share and discuss. They keep me up on the worlds of education, art, business, science and technology. Kind of like the pre-Twitter Twitter feed.

My healthy friends
These are relatively new, but they're making me change the way I see my physical health. They (gently) encourage me to do more, eat better and live in a way that honors my body. I think of them a lot when eating and going about my day, and just knowing what they would do makes me make small changes in my life that are adding up.

The coolest thing is that a lot of the people in my life cross multiple categories.

I figured this was a good video to add for this post. It's one of my favorite songs, but the video's hilarious. Now...Joe Cocker...

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  1. Great post. It made my heart warm. I appreciate your friendship all of these years. Thank you.

    Joe Cocker's voice....hehehe