Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Blessing of my Job

I live in a continuous cycle of viewing my employment alternatively as an edifying blessing and a soul-crushing curse.

I'm in the middle of training a coworker. We somehow ended up in a tearful conversation about what it means to love people as Christians, Catholocism and its perceptions, trying to save someone who you know is close to death, witnessing to people who've had more difficult lives than you and the obsession of people in corporate jobs over money.

Halfway through the conversation I thought back to the night before at small group, where one of my first employers came up. Our group leader asked about it and with knee-jerk speed, I replied "it was a horrid, horrid place." I then thought "Gosh woman, have you ever had a job you actually enjoyed?"


I looked at myself with pity. After 10 years I have lost the expectation of job enjoyment. (I say that with no sadness and very matter-of-factly.) Then I stepped back and realized that in my 10 years the post-baccalaureate work world, I have always had a Christian element in my work and my job has always presented one of my greatest areas for spiritual growth. God has taught me peace and appreciation through a rainbow of frustration and disillusionment. 

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