Friday, September 16, 2011

It takes faith to be single.

So I started the process of putting an offer on a house yesterday. It's already been torturous and I'm just getting started. I'll be honest, this is one of the few times where I've thought "ya know, if I weren't single, this would be easier." I've thought the same thing about having more money, making more money, having a rich uncle, living in an area with a lower cost of living...all those thoughts though, reflect that I'm concerning myself with things that I should be leaving to God.

I kinda knew that about the money and whatnot, but then I started talking to my mother about how much anxiety the process brings. She built and financed her house with my father in her late 20s. She told me that she didn't remember being as worried as I am, but that that's probably because she wasn't signing up for the commitment alone. I imagine that does give you a bit of a backup plan.

Being in a relationship, waiting for that "knight", it provides you with another area in which you can put your faith in that retirement account or higher paying job...all earthly securities. 


  1. Megan - I also am single and have found myself muttering those same words just a few times in my life, but buying my house was definitely one of them. You're right though. It would be easy to trust a husband instead of trusting God. I think married women and single women have this in common - we think men will save us. Only God will save us.

  2. So true Charity. I've found a lot of peace in the process since posting this, but it's funny how much situations like this can reveal about yourself.